Technology Consulting

Access Network Design

  • Propagation Model Tuning
  • Nominal Cell Planning
  • Radio Network Design Survey
  • In-Building Design Solution, Implementation and Verification'
  • Microwave Network Design

Network Tuning and Optimization 

  • Hardware Installation Verification (Site Audit)
  • Initial tuning
    • Drive Test Data Collection
    • Drive Test Data Post Processing
    • Identification of Problem Areas and Service Affecting Issues
    • Generating Recommendations to Improve Network Performance
    • Pre-Launch Network Integrity Cross-Checks
  •  Network Optimization
    • Network KPI Monitoring and Optimization
    • Providing Recommendations to Improve Network's Voice Accessibility and Retainability
    • Generating Recommendations to Increase Network's Data Performance
    • Performing Essential Network Audits to Alleviate Configuration Discrepancies

3S Training Hubs 

  • Revolving Eng./Tech. training hubs.
    • Vancouver, Canada


Training Program Covered:

Drive testing Fundamentals(Intro & hands on, Ride along real time scenarios) Data Collection for UMTS and GSM using: TEMS, Agilent and ...... others.


UMTS Planning, Design, and Optimization.

EVDO Optimization

LTE Design

RT2  Training (Installation, Integration and Commissioning)

Occupational Safety workshop

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